First Anniversary


You know those times when you sit back & go “holy shit, I’m buggered!”? Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling right now & it’s only 2:24pm. This weekend has been larger than we’re used to, by any means. It’s housed Monkey’s 5th birthday party, a surprise 60th, our 1st wedding anniversary, Australia Day (& its celebrations) & ended with Monkey’s actual birthday. I don’t think I have any more room left in my body for depleted energy. The one thing I constantly read is “make sure you listen to your body & get enough rest”….. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, & right now that’s where I’m at.

January 26th is our date – chosen initially so that we would always remember the date due to it being Australia Day. As it turned out, we’ll be sure to never forget any portion of our day with thanks to the weather. Here’s a sneak at what I’m talking about….

The rain's are 'ere!!

The rain’s are ‘ere!!

The rain was said to be cleansing. I’m not sure about old wives tales like that, however, but what I do know that in the last 12 months, we, as a family, have endured so many challenges & seen so many beautiful up’s, & many nasty down’s but we stand stronger than ever. I have learnt a lot about myself, & what my strengths & weaknesses are. Without Ape though, I wouldn’t have come this far & for that, I am so grateful.

To my huzboss, thank you for standing by me, for making me realise what I can & can’t do, what I want, what I need. Thank you for putting up with me, dealing with my moods, my hair falling out all over the joint, getting grossed out at my farts & always making me laugh. I love you.

Over & out.



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