Proving them wrong

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is when you can prove someone wrong. For me, it’s currently the want, maybe it’s more the need, to prove the medical practitioners wrong. Why have I set my sights on the doctors? Maybe it should be the drug companies I want to bring down. Whoever it is, I am doing what’s right by my body to heal it. The fix the root problem – not mask the symptoms.

Over the last 6 months I have done alot of research about Rheumatoid Arthritis & natural healing for RA, & there is so so much on the internet that gives so many options & so much information to us for free about healing our bodies & reducing disease. I was diagnosed with RA after a really bad anxiety attack that was a sobbing blubbering mess marathon for 13 hours.

On instagram I follow a fair few people that have autoimmune disorders (I like that word better than disease, as I makes me feel more strongly that it’s something that can be cured.) & on facebook I follow a couple of pages about RA & differing autoimmune issues, but I have found that 98% of people are so heavily reliant on the medication that they are being prescribed which is giving off umpteen side effects which then require more medication. There’s a balding little fat guy sitting behind a big wooden desk with a mini globe on it & lots of little pins in different parts of the word that is rubbing his hands profusely with the money that he is making from our illnesses.

I don’t know about you, but I am learning what my body does & doesn’t like, & I am going with those instincts. I have bad trigger foods. I have good trigger foods. The baddies are not touched, the goodies are overindulged in. I will not count calories with health. I “enjoy” a smoothie a day, occasionally skipping a day as I get sick of the texture, & eating bucketloads of good stuff. Lots of fruit, lots of vegies. I love chia ‘pudding’. I love my quinoa salads. I also ensure that I am boosting my immune system with the right types of supplements – each day I take krill oil, chlorella, flax seed oil or olive leaf extract & a probiotic. I have also been making kombucha (which I looove!) & testing the different flavours with the tea I make it with versus the fruit I may extend the fermentation with after. I have also learnt to manage my stress levels, which is my biggest challenge as my RA flares up substantially when I’m not feeling 100%. It has taken me 11 months so far to understand these things & work & tweak as I go. I would easily say that I am about 50% better now, than I was this time last year.

Something else I’ve done is put those “non-believers” into a box, opening it only to put the next person in. There are friends, family & strangers in there. Blunt, I know, but when it comes to people that would rather criticize me than question before making an educated assumption, I have no time for them (see note above about managing stress). This list will grow too, as I get to know more of my trigger beings.

Over & out.