Hello there! Thanks for stopping in. Grab yourself a cuppa. I’ll have one too, thanks. How are you? Are you ok? How’s the family/work/hubby/wife blah blah. Excellent. Just making sure we’re ticking all the “friendship” boxes.

Better introduce myself though.

My names Amber. I have hit my third-life crisis (no, not THIRD life crisis. It’s just not a mid-life as I’m not yet at that year number…..) but as I have had an interest in life & thought since I’m living, maybe you could join in. It’s never too late to meet new people. You never know if we’ll be friends for a reason, or a season.

What you will see on these pages is about me & what I see, feel, experience or just want to share, vent or blab about. Feel free to comment, & if you have some awesome banana cake to go with that cuppa, I might like you even more.

Over & out.



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